100 hours Rocket into yin

Balance the Yang with the Yin in this advanced teacher training

Rocket into Yin

A 100 hour Advanced teacher training taking both parts of ida and pingala together. We will explore 50 hours of Rocket Yoga then 50 hours of Yin Yoga in this 10 day exploration of both practices, understanding how they could potentially complement each other yet stand alone. 

Set in a retreat style setting this is an immersive training set in the nature of Slovenia, you can expect not just training and advancing your teaching and knowledge around the subjects but also an experience that will stick with you for some time.

The first 5 days will be focused on Rocket, a day off, the next 5 days will be focused on Yin.

Dates / Location & Prices

Course Dates – 2024 – 9th – 20th June

Suggested Arrival – 9th 
Rocket – 10-14th            
Day off – 15th               
Yin – 16th-20th             
Departure 20th


Early Bird: £850 (Full payment to be received by 31st Jan 2024)

Regular Price: £1000

Deposit: £300

Location & Accomodation 

Our training home will be set on 23 hectares of virgin organic land, surrounded by forest and hills. This venue is rooted in its connection to earth, the perfect space for transformation and growth. 

costs are as below: This includes Accommodation and ALL meals for the duration of your stay

Quad room: £70 per night
Triple Room: £90 per night
Double Room: £100 Per night
Single: £140 per night

Flights and Transfers:

Flights to Ljubljana (brnik) is reccommended (1hr 15m transfer to Veduna)

Transfers we can arrange for you but prices will differ depending on how many people are picked up at the same time.

Full course info & breakdown

Download the FULL prospectus and learn what to expect: CLICK HERE

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